Share LandA farmland commons

Share Land is an idea for a distributed organiztion on the Ethereum blockchain whose mission is to own farmland and promote sustainable farming practices for the land in it's possession.

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The why, what, how of Share Land


When the land is owned by the the greater community, it ensures fair pricing, responsible farming practices, and a safer, healthier life for everyone.

If you give a hungry man food, he will eat it. If you give him land, he will grow his own food.

Fannie Lou Hamer

It is impossible to have a healthy and sound society without a proper respect for the soil.

Peter Maurin


Share Land will be a distributed organization (DO) on the Ethereum blockchain. The DO will also maintain an application to facilitate DO governance tasks, including suggesting and voting on potential plots of land to purchase.


How the organization operates will be decided by the DAO, but here are some initial ideas:
  • Share Land will sell tokens, and the funds garnered will be used to buy and manage ownership of farmland
  • Governance is based on reputation, not token ownership
  • Property deeds will be saved as NFTs.
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Phase one: research

DAO platforms and legal entities

Share Land is in the research phase.

DAO platformsWhich DAO platform,such as Aragon, DAOStack, and Colony, has a feature set best suited for our mission?

Legal ConsultationsWhat off-chain entitiesare required for a farmland commons?

PartnershipsWhich existing institutionscan help Share Land accomplish its mission?

CommunityHow can Share Land integratewith communities at a local level?

Frequently asked questions

What is a distributed organiztion?
A distributed organization (DO), or distributed autonomous organization (DAO) is an online community with tools for capital management and governance.
How does this compare to fractional farmland investment platforms?
Share Land is community-owned, giving you a voice in which land is purchased and how it's managed. We have no seed investors or pricey executives. We want to empower the community.
How do Share Land issued tokens work?
The mechanism for issuing tokens is not yet decided, but essentially Share Land will create tokens and sell them. It will then use the money to buy land. Token owners will have a token whose value is backed by physical land.
How can I get involved?
Share land is using the Discord chat application to build our community. We will use chat for informal governance and the sharing of ideas and knowledge and gradually formalize aspects of our community into the DO and Share Land application.
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Join our community

There's no commitment to joining our Discord server. You can join to ask a question and easily leave, or you can stay and help build the movement.

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